Real Estate Law

The firm is a recognized leader in all aspects of real estate law and members of the firm have been individually recognized by their peers in national publications such as LEXPERT as being Repeatedly Recommended in the area of real estate development.   The firm is also represented on a committee formed for the restructuring of the way in which airspace subdivisions are dealt with through the province’s land title system.

Since its inception, Kornfeld LLP has advised developers, buyers and sellers and landlords and tenants of commercial real estate in the province, including hotel development and management.  Members of the firm have been and continue to be fortunate to act for some of the country’s premier real estate developers and commercial property owners including one of Canada’s largest real estate investment trusts.  Through the complex transactions structured for these entities, the mutual exchange of expertise between client and lawyer has strengthened both and, through these transactions, invaluable relationships have been established with municipalities and other members of the real estate community.  Our lawyers provide advice and guidance throughout the process of development from the purchase of the property, through the planning process including rezoning and issuance of the necessary permits, financing, construction, marketing, leasing  and sale of the project.

Recent transactions include the assembly, development and sale of mixed use projects that include retail, office, hotel and strata titled residential components.  An example of one of those projects is the innovative redevelopment of the iconic Woodward’s site in Vancouver which involved the assembly of the land, conventional, airspace and strata subdivisions of the project’s components and the sale of certain components and the leasing of others.  The project involved heritage designation and transfers of density, as well as market and non-market housing development and the complex structuring of public use rights for portions of the development.  The firm has established its expertise in the area of development of sites having heritage attributes and maximization of the use and transfer of density.

In addition to acting for real estate entrepreneurs and institutions, the firm also is counsel to leading real estate agencies and brokerages.